I'm basically going to use tumblr to express my appreciation for Max Adler and my disgust with Glee and the seething monster of superficiality and hypocrisy known as the Glee fandom. No one in my non-internet life watches Glee, so my rage baffles them. Therefore, I needed a place to vent.

I don't watch Glee anymore, and will only return for any episode Dave might be in. (So yeah, that means I'm never watching glee again.) However, just like a a putrid smell in your house that you just can't seem to locate, my rage at the show and its writers has remained. Hence this blog.

The only Glee character I care about is Dave Karofsky. Glee has treated both Dave and Max like absolute shit, eliminating my ability to give a crap about anything else on the show.

I loathe both klaine and blaine.

If you do not like Dave you should not be following me. If you think Kurtofsky is a "toxic" relationship you should not be following me. I have no patience left for the ignorant and hypocritical bullshit that some people continue to spout about these 2 things.There are no perfect angel baby cupcake characters on glee. NONE. All of them have done shitty things to other people. But most of them never actually sincerely apologized and completely stopped their shitty behavior like Dave did. Most of them never changed for the better. Dave did.

My opinion on switched at birth- one of the most cliched shows I've come across. I wish I could take Tank and put him on another show that actually appreciates characters that aren't bland and doesn't use them as throwaway plot devices for the reunion of shitty couples. (This show almost rivals glee in the pandering department. And the hypocrisy regarding cheating is astounding- when Bay gets cheated on, it's awful and life-stopping. But when Bay cheats- it gets quickly erased. Screw the guy she cheated on- the shitty couple is back together! )

Also, fuck you Brad Falchuk.
Being outed, bullied, losing your friends, losing your school, being told by your mom you have a disease, and trying to hang yourself IS NOT EQUAL TO "it's clear-he's out now, he's okay, no more story to tell." How did you ever manage to pass a Writing 101 class? And more importantly, how have you convinced yourself that exploiting LGBTQ suicide is perfectly okay?


The glee writers have pandered to the klaine fans for actual years now. And look where that has gotten the show- a 0.6 in the ratings on a season finale for a show that once dominated the ratings. Of course all of the millions of viewers who fled glee didn’t leave because of klaine, but the ratings slide started after klaine and blaine became a focus. Klaine didn’t increase the ratings, and never-ending klaine didn’t keep the existing audience. Millions left. Point being- klaine didn’t make or save glee. To say that another klaine breakup would cause the show to lose all of its viewers is just laughable. The last thing the writers need to do is to keep listening to klaine fans, which is why that is exactly what will happen. Why glee bothered to put out this blainofsky rumor crap when the writers and random ass crew just immediately take to social media to reassure the bullies (aka klaine fans) that they’ll still get what they want is beyond me. This storyline reeks of Dave ending up alone, humiliated, and forgotten again, Kurt being a sidekick to Rachel and blaine, and klaine being as nauseating as usual. As much as I hate blaine (and if you follow me you know that I do), if glee actually went through with a real Dave/blaine romance I can honestly say I would gain a bit of respect for the writers. Because it would mean that for the first time in years they stopped pandering and just wrote a story. Which is what writers are supposed to do- write stories. Not determine character existence and plots by which fans harass them the most on twitter.

So I basically have little hope for any of this at this point. No word of Max singing, no word of Dave getting a real love interest. But Dave will be back on the show, and not in just a dream/flashback. So I’ll be watching Max’s episodes. I will probably regret that when it turns out Max is only in each of his episodes for a couple minutes and none of the questions from OMW are addressed at all. But Dave’s last scene in that hospital bed has bothered me for years, and I can’t let that be the last time I see him.

My eternal respect to the first person officially associated with glee who tells off those klaine fans who send hate to actors because of ship shit.

While some of the actors who get the hate have mentioned getting it in interviews, no one has ever officially come out and said “Knock it the fuck off. This is not passionate fan behavior. This is asshole behavior. Leave me and my coworkers the fuck alone with your delusional, hypocritical, and obsessive bullshit about fictional relationships.”

So this image will no longer be the last time we see Dave Karofsky. Three seasons later, and the writers have decided to get him off that hospital bed. 

So this image will no longer be the last time we see Dave Karofsky. Three seasons later, and the writers have decided to get him off that hospital bed. 

In season 3, after Dave got outed, lost all of his friends and his school, attempted suicide, discovered his mom was homophobic, and was left crying in a hospital bed, he had “no more story to tell”  and would only come back to “talk to Unique or something.”

In season 5, after ratings continued to plunge, suddenly glee wanted to do a scene with Dave, Sebastian, and blaine where we find out how that character who has “no more story to tell” is doing. 

Now in season 6, after ratings are absolutely pathetic, glee brings back that character with “no more story to tell” for at least 4 episodes in a “major” arc.

I wonder what Brad has to say about Dave’s story now.

You know who has never been held accountable for their actions? It’s not Dave, a character who acknowledged his wrongs, sincerely apologized, and changed his behavior. A character whose previous actions were condemned by every single character in canon. A character who felt so alone and was in so much pain that he tried to kill himself.

No, the people who have never been held accountable for their actions are all those many klaine fans who have tweeted vile hate to actors because they don’t want them interfering with their ship. Those people who post nasty responses to celebratory posts on actors’ facebook pages because of ship shit. Those people who stalk fans of these actors and their characters all over the internet and send hate after hate after hate until many of those being stalked just  completely leave twitter, facebook, tumblr, message boards or comment sections.

These people have never been held to account for their behavior by anyone from glee. Instead, they get called passionate and their hateful spewing gets rewarded by them being given exactly what they have demanded at the expense of their victims.

That is something that isn’t fair, that isn’t healthy, and that doesn’t send the right message.

The fact that glee writers and crew continue to pander to and reassure klaine fans who send disgusting hate to actors will never not be disgusting. Great job running a show allegedly about and for “underdogs.”

The glee writers first attempt to bring back Dave (which only failed because Max and Grant were too busy) involved Blaine. Now their second effort to bring Dave back is ALL ABOUT BLAINE.

Why the hell do the glee writers think the return of Dave must involve blaine?  Dave belongs to Kurt’s storyline, yet once again what once belonged to Kurt goes to blaine.

These headlines should be about Dave and Kurt becoming friends as that is the direction the narrative was headed when he vanished- not this obviously-not-true Dave and blaine getting romantic crap.

Can some different Dave spoilers drop please? Ones that don’t involve blaine? If he’s there for at least 4 eps he has to interact with other people, right?


"i’m gonna bring back your favorite character, but i’m gonna make him a romantic interest for the worst character on the show!!!!!"