I'm basically going to use tumblr to express my appreciation for Max Adler and my disgust with Glee and the seething monster of superficiality and hypocrisy known as the Glee fandom. No one in my non-internet life watches Glee, so my rage baffles them. Therefore, I needed a place to vent.

I don't watch Glee anymore, and will only return for any episode Dave might be in. (So yeah, that means I'm never watching glee again.) However, just like a a putrid smell in your house that you just can't seem to locate, my rage at the show and its writers has remained. Hence this blog.

The only Glee character I care about is Dave Karofsky. Glee has treated both Dave and Max like absolute shit, eliminating my ability to give a crap about anything else on the show.

I loathe both klaine and blaine.

If you do not like Dave you should not be following me. If you think Kurtofsky is a "toxic" relationship you should not be following me. I have no patience left for the ignorant and hypocritical bullshit that some people continue to spout about these 2 things.There are no perfect angel baby cupcake characters on glee. NONE. All of them have done shitty things to other people. But most of them never actually sincerely apologized and completely stopped their shitty behavior like Dave did. Most of them never changed for the better. Dave did.

My opinion on switched at birth- one of the most cliched shows I've come across. I wish I could take Tank and put him on another show that actually appreciates characters that aren't bland and doesn't use them as throwaway plot devices for the reunion of shitty couples. (This show almost rivals glee in the pandering department. And the hypocrisy regarding cheating is astounding- when Bay gets cheated on, it's awful and life-stopping. But when Bay cheats- it gets quickly erased. Screw the guy she cheated on- the shitty couple is back together! )

Also, fuck you Brad Falchuk.
Being outed, bullied, losing your friends, losing your school, being told by your mom you have a disease, and trying to hang yourself IS NOT EQUAL TO "it's clear-he's out now, he's okay, no more story to tell." How did you ever manage to pass a Writing 101 class? And more importantly, how have you convinced yourself that exploiting LGBTQ suicide is perfectly okay?



Kurtofsky Kiss

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Charitybuzz | Enjoy Lunch For 4 In LA With Max Adler from Glee and Switched at Birth



So guess what’s happening? Lunch date with Max can happen. The charity auction ends on the 1st BUT there still is time. This is to benefit the FascioScapuloHumeral Society (or FSH Society) which is a non-profit organization specifically focusing on a type of muscular dystrophy that targets the upper body. You can read more about FSH here and why it’s important that we find a way to prevent the development and ultimately eradicate the issue. 

If you are in the Southern California area, we are having a celebrity charity event October 12, 2014 so please come out if you can! Registration can be found here.

The funds collected goes straight to research. There were some phenomenal advances within the last couple years but that doesn’t mean the fight is over! Thanks so much everyone for helping out a phenomenal cause!

Just finished watching Believe Me on Itunes. Not nearly enough Baker (Max’s character), especially seeing as that’s why I watched the movie in the first place. And that pool scene- Max is hiding behind a damn raft the entire time.

Not at all a preachy movie, for anyone worried about that. None of the 4 main characters are religious, none of them magically convert by movie’s end, and even though the narrative clearly frames their actions as wrong, they’re also not made out to be evil monsters for conning Christians. It’s definitely a “why are all these people putting blind faith in strangers with microphones?” type of movie.

Baker kinda reminds me a little bit of Tank. He’s half clueless and half doesn’t-give-a-shit.

I tend to judge movies on whether they can keep my attention- and this one did keep my attention all the way through, even though the love interest storyline kinda dragged it a bit. But I didn’t think about those awful glee spoilers once during it. Of course, now I’m thinking of those glee spoilers again and getting pissed. Ugh.

ktfranceebee replied to your post:How long could Dave and blaine possibly even have…

In an interview today Max said he might be in more than four episodes and by “might” meaning, in my opinion, that he can’t give too much away lest people speculate .

I would love to believe that. But then I think of all those times in the past when Max has said maybe he’ll be back and then he never was…plus my just general pessimism and cynicism about glee.

All I wanted out of this return was to find out where Dave’s been all this time, see Dave and Kurt actually talk about what happened after OMW, hear Max sing, and have Dave’s final scene be him being happy and confident. And so far, none of that seems to be happening.

I’m desperately trying to find the positives in this plot. It just gets harder and harder with each new spoiler that makes it seem like Dave is only back to be “there” next to blaine in certain scenes, staring at the wall or something.


I feel like Glee is like one of those jackass genies who grant wishes, but twisting your words and making something horrible.

Like I wanted to have Dave back 

and free Kurt

But not like this