I'm basically going to use tumblr to express my appreciation for Max Adler and my disgust with Glee and the seething monster of superficiality and hypocrisy known as the Glee fandom. No one in my non-internet life watches Glee, so my rage baffles them. Therefore, I needed a place to vent.

I don't watch Glee anymore, and will only return for any episode Dave might be in. (So yeah, that means I'm never watching glee again.) However, just like a a putrid smell in your house that you just can't seem to locate, my rage at the show and its writers has remained. Hence this blog.

The only Glee character I care about is Dave Karofsky. Glee has treated both Dave and Max like absolute shit, eliminating my ability to give a crap about anything else on the show.

I loathe both klaine and blaine.

If you do not like Dave you should not be following me. If you think Kurtofsky is a "toxic" relationship you should not be following me. I have no patience left for the ignorant and hypocritical bullshit that some people continue to spout about these 2 things.There are no perfect angel baby cupcake characters on glee. NONE. All of them have done shitty things to other people. But most of them never actually sincerely apologized and completely stopped their shitty behavior like Dave did. Most of them never changed for the better. Dave did.

My opinion on switched at birth- one of the most cliched shows I've come across. I wish I could take Tank and put him on another show that actually appreciates characters that aren't bland and doesn't use them as throwaway plot devices for the reunion of shitty couples. (This show almost rivals glee in the pandering department. And the hypocrisy regarding cheating is astounding- when Bay gets cheated on, it's awful and life-stopping. But when Bay cheats- it gets quickly erased. Screw the guy she cheated on- the shitty couple is back together! )

Also, fuck you Brad Falchuk.
Being outed, bullied, losing your friends, losing your school, being told by your mom you have a disease, and trying to hang yourself IS NOT EQUAL TO "it's clear-he's out now, he's okay, no more story to tell." How did you ever manage to pass a Writing 101 class? And more importantly, how have you convinced yourself that exploiting LGBTQ suicide is perfectly okay?


No reason for making this gif other than this shirt looks really good on Tank.

No reason for making this gif other than this shirt looks really good on Tank.

First & Foremost - Chapter 9


AO3   FF.net (These link to Chapter 9, click here for Chapter 1 links) 

Summary: Sequel to First Day. Set after “On My Way” Sebastian and Dave become friends, and then more. This is the sequel of them starting their lives at college in New York. Kurt and Sebastian are room mates.

Warning: For this fic you need to be okay with the following pairings/triads: Sebofsky, Kurtofsky, Kurtbastian and Subkurtofsky. You also need to be okay with Klaine breaking up (Kurt is no cheater). This fic is going to have a fair dose of angst and the end relationship will be a Sebkurtofsky triad. Don’t like the idea you don’t need to read any further.

Something that has been bothering me for actual years about the glee fandom.

Everyone who is, or ever has been, on glee is always going to be expected to continue praising the show. And not insulting or discussing faults about storylines, especially storylines that the narrative, writers,creators, and all show promotion endorse like crazy, is part of praising the show. This is a a concept true in all major professions- you can’t talk shit about or criticize a former/current employer without running the HUGE risk of burning important bridges and screwing over your career. This is especially true in Hollywood, where actors can quickly fall off the map/ never make it on the map, if word spreads that they’re not a team player.

I bring this up because of -of course- klaine. For years the regular glee cast and the guest stars have inevitably gotten asked about klaine. And the response has almost always been the same- klaine is great, klaine is adorable, everybody loves klaine, klaine is inspirational, klaine can never break up, klaine must get back together,blah, blah, blah. The only people to really ever answer differently (other than Chris) were actors cast or written to possibly interfere with klaine in some way. Of course Max, Grant, and Oliver were going to talk favorably about kurtofsky, seblaine, and kadam, and not be all “klaine is amazing!” when their job pretty much depended on those couples taking off, since glee writers only think in terms of ships rather than individual characters. The potential for these possible relationships actually existed in the narrative at the time, they weren’t fan-driven fantasies. Max only started saying kurtofsky couldn’t happen romantically after OMW, when he had no indication that he would ever be on the show again. There would be no point in him saying then (or now) that kurtofsky could ever happen when his character doesn’t even exist anymore. Saying kurtofsky could happen equals saying klaine should break up equals insulting the show’s only continuing storyline equals insulting the writers equals nixing any chance of Dave appearing again (we know he won’t but maybe Max thinks there’s a chance) plus equals the risk of being accused of being bitter and possibly endangering future job prospects.

As the inevitable klaine wedding approaches, everyone who ever has been or currently is on glee will get asked about klaine- and all the answers will be the same nauseating thing. This includes everyone’s fave saying something positive about klaine- both as actors and possibly as their characters if their existence is remembered by the writers for the wedding. The only holdout will be Chris (although I’m pretty sure as the shitfest nears he’ll give up and just nod along when interviewers ask him about how amazing klaine is.) This doesn’t mean all the other actors actually like klaine (although it is possible some of them do), nor does it mean that they don’t think other pairings would be better/more interesting. But they’re not free to say this- they have to say the company spiel. Only Chris and Darren have the freedom to be critical of klaine, as it is their characters’ storyline. And obviously Chris gets shit on by klainers anytime he does this. As much as we may want them to say what we’re thinking, anyone else saying klaine shouldn’t get married or Kurt or Blaine should be with someone else looks bitter/ jealous/ etc. Especially when most of these people aren’t even on the show anymore- so what’s the point in pissing off the writers/ creators and talking about something that is never going to happen? Klaine marriage is going to happen- the cast (past and present) know that better than any of us as they know just how much the writers are pushing this shit behind the scenes.

So basically this post is just a reminder that actors still sometimes have to act even when they’re not filming. They have to say certain things. This isn’t “proof” of everyone or anyone liking something.

I’m hoping tomorrow’s return of Tank stems from Toby inviting Tank to his DJ thing he’s apparently doing now (haven’t watched since Max’s last ep, but one of the preview clips for tomorrow’s ep mentions Toby inviting people to a DJ gig). And that Tank accidentally runs into Emmett at the event (maybe at first neither realizes who the other is). Because any kind of storyline involving Tank intentionally tracking down Emmett to either fight or befriend makes zero sense. Forming a believable friendship between Tank and the guy Bay cheated on him with would require writing skills I have not seen demonstrated by the sab writers. But since the next ep after this one, according to the ep description, involves Bay making an effort to be friends with Tank and serving as his moral support during his dinner with his father, it would seem that either Tank has magically gotten over the cheating off-screen, or he quickly gets over it sometime in the next ep (because how else would he be willing to hang around Bay?) Really really hoping Tank isn’t going to give some crap speech about not being good enough for Bay or Emmett being better for her, thereby minimizing her cheating by putting some of the blame on himself.

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