I'm basically going to use tumblr to express my appreciation for Max Adler and my disgust with Glee and the seething monster of superficiality and hypocrisy known as the Glee fandom. No one in my non-internet life watches Glee, so my rage baffles them. Therefore, I needed a place to vent.

I don't watch Glee anymore, and will only return for any episode Dave might be in. (So yeah, that means I'm never watching glee again.) However, just like a a putrid smell in your house that you just can't seem to locate, my rage at the show and its writers has remained. Hence this blog.

The only Glee character I care about is Dave Karofsky. Glee has treated both Dave and Max like absolute shit, eliminating my ability to give a crap about anything else on the show.

I loathe both klaine and blaine.

If you do not like Dave you should not be following me. If you think Kurtofsky is a "toxic" relationship you should not be following me. I have no patience left for the ignorant and hypocritical bullshit that some people continue to spout about these 2 things.There are no perfect angel baby cupcake characters on glee. NONE. All of them have done shitty things to other people. But most of them never actually sincerely apologized and completely stopped their shitty behavior like Dave did. Most of them never changed for the better. Dave did.

My opinion on switched at birth- one of the most cliched shows I've come across. I wish I could take Tank and put him on another show that actually appreciates characters that aren't bland and doesn't use them as throwaway plot devices for the reunion of shitty couples. (This show almost rivals glee in the pandering department. And the hypocrisy regarding cheating is astounding- when Bay gets cheated on, it's awful and life-stopping. But when Bay cheats- it gets quickly erased. Screw the guy she cheated on- the shitty couple is back together! )

Also, fuck you Brad Falchuk.
Being outed, bullied, losing your friends, losing your school, being told by your mom you have a disease, and trying to hang yourself IS NOT EQUAL TO "it's clear-he's out now, he's okay, no more story to tell." How did you ever manage to pass a Writing 101 class? And more importantly, how have you convinced yourself that exploiting LGBTQ suicide is perfectly okay?


I’m assuming the crazy glee scene Max is filming today is when the bear cub is sent into Dave and blaine’s apartment, as that is his craziest sounding scene in ep 4 based on spoilers.

What I would give to get a picture of Max with that bear cub.

But this will inevitably play out like every other day Max has been on set.



Santana and Dave catching up and talking about their lifes since they were each other beards 

Aka what I wish it would happend in season 6, but I know it’s not gonna happend so I drew it


I got a Max google alert this morning for an “article” on some ridiculous website that was basically just a klainer copying and pasting from interviews from other websites. It had quotes from both Max and Darren about season 6. Darren was asked about what he wanted for blaine in season 6, as well as what he wanted for Kurt and blaine in season 6. He responded that he wants them to end up together, because the “romantic” and “pragmatic” part of him tells him that’s how it should go, because that’s how all great fun love stories end, and because that’s what the fans want to see. A couple minutes later he said he’d like to see blaine’s parents. That’s it. That was his answer for what he wants for blaine- klaine and blaine’s parents.

Contrast this with the quote the “article” used for Max, which is when he said he wants people to take away that Dave is alive, having experiences, made it out on the other side of a suicide attempt, and that it doesn’t matter who he is kissing.

The “article” didn’t provide a quote for Chris, probably because Chris has stated that he wants Kurt to find happiness outside of a relationship in season 6, and that didn’t ring klainer-friendly to the writer. But this just got me thinking about how Max, Chris, and Darren view their characters. Max and Chris are concerned with their characters themselves, while Darren seems more interested in klaine rather than blaine. I don’t understand that. But then again, I don’t understand a lot of things about Darren, like why he doesn’t call out the “fans” who say atrocious things to his girlfriend and his alleged friends. It’s not just a few trolls and it’s been going on for YEARS. I don’t understand why he always seems to say and do things that will appease klaine fans, even if that means throwing someone else under the bus. I don’t hate him, I just don’t understand him. Loyalty is a very important quality to me, and sticking up for the people you say you care about is a huge part of that.

Anyway, I’m curious how the answers Max, Chris, and Darren give will change as we get closer to the show coming back and more/all the episodes have been filmed. We all know how this ends, but I wonder if Chris will just give up and start saying he’s happy about the inevitable wedding. I wonder if Darren will say anything positive about filming with Max/ blaine and Dave dating, or if he will just say that he doesn’t write the show so don’t blame him. And I wonder if Max will finally just say how wrong the people sending him hate are, instead of giving the company line of it’s a sign of “passionate” fans.

What if the reason there are no behind the scene pictures of Max/Dave is because they’re gluing a full beard to him every time he’s on set?

Yes, I’m still whining about the lack of pictures. But every other cast member has now appeared somewhere in a picture in their character’s wardrobe. Why no Max?

Max isn’t going to get any decent scenes to act in, is he? All of his scenes we’ve heard about so far include blaine and don’t seem to involve Dave doing much except being there.

So no singing, no bts pictures, no scenes that don’t include blaine, no follow-up with Kurt, and no material with any depth for Max.

Can’t some ex of Dave’s show up now? Someone who doesn’t suck and won’t treat Dave as a joke or a phase? If the only real theme of season 6 is everybody hooks back up with their exes, why can’t Dave?



(PG 13) Dave is still a werewolf. But Kurt is still there, and that makes it suck slightly less.

For the 10/12 kurtofskythings Halloween prompt; a followup to “Moonlit”. ‘Cause one of the prompts was “werewolf” as part of it, and I couldn’t resist. Again, I know this is taking a similar tack as “Push,” but what can I say — I love the trope, and this is much shorter. :)

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"Pudgy former bully" that is keeping klaine apart.

That’s how Sue describes Dave, the kid she hasn’t seen since he tried to hang himself. The boy who, last time she ever spoke of him, she was visibly upset about his attempted suicide. 

But now Sue is body-shaming that guy and encouraging his live-in boyfriend to cheat on him. All because he has the audacity to be in a consensual relationship.

How many times do you think Dave being a bully will be brought up this season? (Every scene he’s in plus every scene “Karofsky” is mentioned.) How many times do you think Dave’s suicide attempt will be brought up? (I’m going with never) How many times do you think blaine’s cheating will be brought up? (never ever)

But, according to Brad the Ass’s latest interview, glee writers feel a         “responsibility” to show role models for younger viewers in regard to their LGBT characters and storylines. Responsible LGBT storylines like leaving your gay character who just got outed and tried to hang himself crying in a hospital bed, never mentioning him for fucking years, and then bringing him back just so you can use him as a plot device to reunite another couple, with the bonus of having him get dumped, made into a joke, and body-shamed because he doesn’t look like the media’s stereotypical image of a gay man. 

Fuck you glee and fuck you Brad.